ActiveWords and what I’d really like

So I’ve been using ActiveWords for a few weeks now, and I’m liking the ability to add some shortcuts, and the auto correction of misspellings no matter what application I’m typing in, but it’s missing something. What I’d really like is something that will actually record keystroke or mouse clicks and let you automate certain actions. For example, on my laptop, the one constant complaint I have is that the dialup ISP we use doesn’t allow me to use my outgoing mail server to send mail, I have to use theirs. But theirs won’t work when I’m connected to my home broadband network, which does allow me to use the server for this domain. In essence that means everytime I connect using dialup and want to send email, I have to go into the guts of Outlook and change the SMTP server name and authentication information, and then when I’m home again I have to change it back. I would absolutely love to be able to just type “dialup” or “cable” in ActiveWords and have all of that done for me when I startup.

Maybe it’s possible now, but I don’t see how it would be. Perhaps I should chat with Buzz about this at Gnomedex, eh?

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