Things that make you go hmm..

The President of my workplace just sent me an email with a dirty picture in it. *L*

Actually he was forwarding a porn spam that he got, asking whether I thought it would be a good or a bad idea to hit the “unsubscribe” link. I just spent 10 minutes telling him, in the most diplomatic way I could think of, “NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!”, and then explaining that while our ISP does have spam filters and bad word filters in place, they will never catch 100% of all the junk email that’s out there.

I probably should have added that the next time he feels the need to forward that sort of thing to me, or anyone else, he could delete out the image. On the other hand, even if I considered that to be a somewhat technical violation of our email use policy, who am I going to report him to? 🙂

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