Back to the grind

We had a lovely weekend visiting and celebrating an early Christmas with Angela’s family. It almost even made me forget about all the work projects that I need to finish before the end of the year! It would have probably made me completely forget if I hadn’t spent part of the weekend setting up their new PC for them. 🙂

But seriously, I don’t mind doing that at all, one because I can get it configured properly which saves everyone time in the end, and two because they do so much for Angela and I that being able to do something for them is my pleasure. Hopefully everything was setup correctly, with the weather being the way it is, I wound up installing the Palm desktop software for her dad’s Tungsten but not having time to test it before we needed to hit the road and head home.

I’m awaiting the arrival of that replacement desktop, which is on the Fed ex truck as we speak. Once that gets here, things will switch into hyperactive mode, so I’m blogging now, while I have a few spare moments to breath..:)

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