Morning at Gnomedex.

Got down early to do the stroll among the vendors and demostration stuff. Met up with Dwight, Jim, and Jim’s girlfriend, Candi. Found that the site the have been working on, is up and running. They even have little business cards for it. (I have some for my own site as well, with the logo. Find me and you can have one. 🙂

First up was Rob Rosenberger, from talking about virus hoaxes and media scares. It was good stuff, makes you really see how the media spreads uninformed information because of who they take as “experts”. In the early days, they wentto the local computer store and spoke with whoever was selling PC’s about virus and internet security. Not exactly expert information. Now they’ve only gotten slightly better. We’d do well to remember that the media does not get information from real experts on tech issues. (And other issues for that matter!)

He gave some good “reality checks” to use when someone sends you a virus warning. Consder who it’s from, know that if it’s a chain-letter, it’s probably a hoax, and check the website of any “expert” who is cited. See if they are actually talking about it. He also suggested sending them to the IT people at your business instead of “everyone”. He also suggesting not being that person, but some of us don’t have that option *L*.

Next up was Ed Ross and Terry Swiers from the Association of Shareware Professionals about being a succesful shareware author. Also good stuff, some of it was geared more toward software developers, but they also talked a bit about marketing a website, which was good. For me the obvious, and learned lesson from that part was finding a good, reliable host. *L*

Lunch is up next. More later…

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