Hooking up the back-end

I spent my lunch hour today following up on a great suggestion from Andy about using Table Editor as the answer to editing the comment databases on the fly. I got that installed and it works excellently! Thanks Andy!

Now that I got that in place, I’m switching the other blog over to ASPcomment which is the same thing I use here. With the table editor going I can edit or delete comments on the fly from both comment databases, so it was important to me to get that setup before switching over. I’ve got the new comments sytem up and ready to go, unfortunately YACCS seems to be having difficulties and I can’t get my current comments exported. Once I get those exported and imported into the aspcomments database I can pull the switch on the comments and get to the next project on the list, which is getting rid of the counters on all but the two blog pages. I’ll use the logfiles to see what my statistics look like daily, but want to keep the Bravenet counters on the blogs so I can see instantly if someone is pointing to a blog entry.

There’s lots of things that need updated and changed, but I’ve got to get the back-end setup properly first!

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