So Scoble IS a Corporate shill afterall!

In response to my previous comment, Scoble had this to say:

“Of course I am, if I am posting stuff about NEC (and anytime I write about NEC you should take my writings as such). But, yesterday, I was not writing about NEC’s tablet per se. Just the Tablet experience.”

Subtle difference, but I’m not buying Robert. You work for NEC, NEC has a Tablet coming out, NEC, and you, have a vested interest in seeing the market and hype for Tablet’s grow. You’re hyping Tablet’s on your blog. Whether you mean it to or not, it looks like you’re hyping Tablet’s because the company you work for, (and you’re even in marketing, correct?) happens to have a Tablet coming out soon.

And ultimately, maybe that’s the difference between us, Robert gets paid to hype new products and new technology, and that extends to his blog. I get paid, as the IT Department of a small not-for-profit, to not buy any hype and be skeptical about what salespeople promise me. I get paid to look past the hype and figure out what actually works for our business. I get paid to find products that will make my users more efficient at their jobs, at a price point that the increased efficiency will support. I don’t see that in the Tablet right now.

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