Interesting find

Pulled from today’s version of the Langa List could be the answer to something that I’ve been meaning to look at more closely. Basically the situation is this, some of the news and political organizations we deal with have their media stuff available on their websites. Some of them are Windows Media, some are Real Media. Now WMP isn’t a big problem because it’s really already installed, in one form or another, on most of the desktops. (mostly integrated with IE.) But Real has proven to be a trickier, mostly in the RealOne variation, because of all the tracking and various other things it does that you can’t turn off. Now I’ve managed to work around that, somewhat, by installing older versions of RealPlayer, but it’s success has been limited.

Perhaps JetAudio will be the answer to the whole problem. It claims to support both WM and Real file formats, among others, and is freeware without the nags, ads, or spies associated with the others. Definitely something to do some testing with soon!

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