Short day

Leaving the office a bit early today, to get an early start on the holiday weekend. I’ve managed to put myself in a pretty good spot by making sure I got all of the “must-do” work for the week done over the past few days, leaving myself free to have a relatively relaxed day today, as long as nothing breaks. (keeping my fingers crossed!)

Anyway, we’re planning on going down to a little park in our neighborhood that has a good view of downtown to see the fireworks display tonight. (Taking my 4 year-old nephew along with us) Then tomorrow we’re having the family over for the birthday celebration. (My birthday is tomorrow, my Mom’s is Sunday and my brother’s girlfriend’s was Monday, there’s a lot of writing on the cake!) Saturday will find us traveling to Dayton with some friends of ours. There may not be much online time…

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend!

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