Accounting software sucks…

Remember that hard drive I had to replace? Remember this PC belonged to my boss who does all the accounting for the organization, and that she was going to set that stuff up herself? Three days later, she still can’t print checks. No wait, let me clarify, three days, a call to Peachtree support at 6 dollars per minute only to find out that the old printer she had been using is really incompatible with the version of Peachtree she’d been using and they don’t have any idea who told her how to force them to work together three years ago or what the directions for doing so are, a decision to go ahead and upgrade the printer since it was old, and having problems anyway, a couple of hours of both of us running through every setting on the new printer and in Peachtree, and a couple of more hours on the phone with Epson’s support, and she still can’t print checks.

To top off all the frustration, one of those checks she can’t print is my Gnomedex expense reimbursement!

As an aside, for 6 dollars a minute, I almost expected to have a throaty, breathless support operator, wouldn’t you? *L*

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