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After careful consideration and another email exchange with That Hosting Company, I am temporarily taking this particular forum down. I do this, not because of any legal threat, but because I am trying to work with THC and allow them to work to correct the current situation without having to worry about defending themselves in a public forum.

My personal feelings aside, the best thing for all concerned would be for THC to complete their merger and get their customer accounts back into working order, with good, reliable service. I’ve decided to take away anything that would seemingly impede that, in order that there be no excuses. (At least as much of it as I control)

I will also be making my own article about my experience with THC unavailable for the time being, for the same reasons.

Rest assured that I have backup copies of everything, and should the situation not be resolved in a reasonable amount of time, they will be back, and the topic will once again be open for discussion.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at webmasterAT mikemcbrideonlineDOT com, and feel free to continue the conversations we have going in the other forums.

Mike McBride

Webmaster –

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