Personal tech roundup

Upon my return to civilization yesterday, this is the state of affairs. Trillian is not connecting to Yahoo, but they have released a patch that will allow you to connect with MSN’s new protocols. They are working on a Yahoo patch, you can read about it, and get the MSN patch here.

I couldn’t get my Junk Mail Folder in Hotmail to open most of this morning. No idea why. No idea why I continue to compulsively check to make sure hotmail didn’t put something in there that I wanted either.. 🙂

My work desktop, which was working and forwarding all my email the entire time I was gone, was sorely in need of a restart when I got in this morning. Outlook was still chugging along and doing what I needed it to, but Mozilla, IE, and other programs were having some glitches that a quick restart solved.

The referrers script for my blog has been shutdown. It was a cool little feature, but I guess it simple outgrew the expense of hosting it. I expected that to happen eventually, and probably won’t bother replacing it unless I find a way to host it myself, and find the time to develop that!

I can’t wait to try out the Homestead white wine from StoneHaus winery and the 2 year old aged sharp cheddar (not listed on their website..) from Simonton’s Cheese House that I picked up while we were in Tennessee last week. They both had samples and they were both very good, I think I need to plan a little wine and cheese snack-down later this week!

Oh one more update. The resort we stayed at sold us a 3 day dial up account for $15. In addition, I had to install the software in order to dial up. Oh well, it was the only available internet access from Crossville, TN so what was I gonna do? I’m hoping my boss will see clear to covering that as a business expense, but I doubt it’s going to happen. (I needed to keep up with work emails, so I needed access, right?) Anyway, it took a little while to undo all the stuff the installation CD did to my settings but I’ve got most of that taken care of. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get rid of that stupid “Internet Explorer-provided by Volfirst” across the title bar of IE. I know it’s not hard to get rid of, I just can’t remember how! *L*

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