Pardon the occasional fits..

I’m going to be moving some more things around and adding some links to the sidebars today, so excuse me if things look a little bizarre when you look at the page.

Guess what Angela found around our house the other day? She found a pen that I had picked up at Gnomedex last year. I was thinking of getting a good digital cam picture of the pen and using it in a “I got screwed by THC” icon. It would be funny, but I’ll have to find time to do that! It does, however, occur to me that I’ve got it good compared to the rest of the folks chatting about it in the forum. They’ve had nothing to show for their investment in a hosting contract since THC went dark last month. For my $89, I got a pen baby!

Speaking of Gnomedex, Geek is planning on a little get together on Thursday before the convention starts on Friday. As for my plans, I’m looking at a 10 hour drive, leaving Columbus at 8AM, arriving Des Moines at 5PM local time. Obviously, that depends on how smoothly the drive goes, but I’d be up for a group outing for dinner on Thursday evening, definitely! (BTW, when did I become one of the “Four Gnomies”? And is that sort of like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? *L*) It’s still more than three months out, so pretty much everything is tentative at this point, no?

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