A big step

I took the big plunge last night. Now that I’ve transferred over all the content from the Geocities site to either this location or the child abuse site, I went ahead and deleted the Geocities site. It is no more, after 6 years of existence and many different permutations. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things, but it’ll always have a soft spot for the place that gave me my start. 🙂

As you know I’ve been looking around for a “test” machine that has enough power to run some server software so I can learn more about some things that we don’t use here at work, but that also won’t break the bank. Namely, Active Directory and IIS, while also perhaps building in a Linux/Apache partition on it as well, to learn about how those things work. (Especially since I only have a 120 day eval of Windows 2000 Server!) I think I’m going to hit the super computer sale at Vet’s Memorial Coliseum this weekend and see if maybe I can find something that will fit the bill a little cheaper than some of the store built systems I’ve priced out so far. We’ll see!

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