That Metaphor Sounds Familiar!

Any of you who have seen me speak on the topic of Social Networking, whether at ILTA in 2009, or here on the blog, know that I often use the Jury Room metaphor. The Jury Room is a bar across the street from the courthouse here in Columbus, that for years was THE place to be if you wanted to connect to others in the legal community. Everyone went there at some point, for lunch, or the after work drink, etc.

I’ve often posited that online social networking is not something new, it’s just moving the Jury Room into cyberspace. It’s networking at the core, just networking that takes advantage of technology.

So today, as I’m browsing the local newspaper online I come across an article that talks about neighborhood restaurants, and the connection that some “regulars” have made with the food, the atmosphere, and the people who work there. One of the regulars they interview drops this quote at the end, and it made me smile:

“It’s social networking the old-fashioned way,” he said. “Kids have their Face-book; we have the Clarmont.”

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