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I was writing up some thoughts for a friend about laptop recommendations last night and a thought occurred to me. Why not have a semi-poll? So here’s the question. All things considered, (price, features, dependability, warranty, etc.) if you had to choose today to buy a laptop, what company would you but it from? Dell, Toshiba, HP, IBM, other?

Yes this is limited to PC laptops, the people who I’m thinking about this for aren’t about to switch to Mac and aren’t about to start using a Tablet. So let’s ignore those for the sake of the question at hand!

The reason I ask is because most of the laptops I support came from Compaq, which is irrelevant now to the purchase of a new laptop. I have an HP, but that was based on price at the time more than any other factor. I’ve been pretty happy with it, but, obviously, I don’t exactly have a wide-ranging background in laptop support.

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