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I saw earlier this week that a couple of my favorite podcasts had created listener email discussion lists, so I’m all signed up to be part of the group for both Geek News Central and In the Trenches. I’m curious to see how the email lists work out and whether a community of listeners develops there.

Since my current Gmail address seems to be growing as part of being part on these, and some other email lists, I created a second one, onemanit. I’m not sure what that email address will become but I thought the address fits well with this site, and down the road I might be glad I created a second one to use as part of site promotion or interaction that is dedicated to this site, without having to lose some of that in all the list emails being addressed to the others. If you need a Gmail invitation, let me know I still have 49 or so. 🙂

Thanks to Josh, I’m also creating a page on Yahoo! 360. It looks like an interesting service, and although I can’t say I have any urge to create ANOTHER blog, it might be useful to connect with new folks, share some pictures that maybe I don’t want to create a whole gallery for on this site, and just sort of tie-in some of the stuff I do take part in on Yahoo in one place. Again, we’ll see how it goes, and hopefully it’ll work out better than Orkut did, which I quit using because the site just started not working very well and being more of a pain than it was useful. If you know me, look me up on there and let me know, and if you need an invite I think I’m allowed to invite some folks, haven’t really checked that out yet though.

Anyway, yeah I’m just a sucker for trying out new things and joining new communities. Can’t help it, I’m the curious type when it comes to seeing how things will work out!

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