Round up

Links to interesting things: DDNS Service to block faulty Linksys routers. Yahoo! IM contains security flaw. Keeping it fun -Kevin makes a good point! Lockergnome releases shareware feedreader

Novel idea

Here’s a novel idea for your non-technical friends, and one I just came up with while having a discussion with a coworker: So you have a friend who has an old PC and wants rid of it. They don’t want to toss it in the trash, obviously, they want to drop it at a recycling…

Dead Milkmen

Via Eclectism this morning I see what may be the coolest use of Movable Type to date, at least in my opinion. The posting of circa 1985 Dead Milkmen Tour Stories! That’s defintely an addition to the news aggregator. While I missed them in Columbus in 1985 I did catch them at the Newport Music…

Hotmail upgrade

Microsoft Upgrades Hotmail I noticed it this morning, and I like it, for the most part. They did get rid of one thing that I used to really like about hotmail though, the stuff at the top of a message (delete, next, previous, move, etc.) used to show up at the bottom of a message…

Back to work

Not only is it the end of the 4 day weekend, it’s also the first of the month. That leaves me with a ton of things to get caught up at work, all while trying to get back in the swing of things. I was most definitely not in the swing of things this morning….