After work, work..

Since I was already in the “web programming” mood when I got home, what with the ATOM feed on Angela’s blog, and since the DNS seems to have caught up with the server move on the child abuse site, I went ahead and upgraded the Movable Type installation over there, and added an atom feed to the list of choices. The whole RSS vs ATOM thing makes no sense to me, as a non-programmer. I just want to be able to subscribe to feeds and read my news in my aggregator! My hope is that with Blogger now defaulting to ATOM that the aggregator programmers will soon be making their tools work with both. If not, I’ll have to hit the list of current apps that do work with both and go through the whole process of finding a new one to use. As a producer of a feed I just want to able to let folks read my site any way they want. I wish blogger would allow me to publish both, the way MT does. Maybe someday! (Or maybe someday I’ll switch this site to a host that’ll support MT!)

By the way, I also upgraded to the newest version of MT Blacklist over there. What a great, great plug-in.

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