What I’ve been doing lately..

In addition to tracking down mysteries of not getting virus def updates or Windows Update automatic downloads this week, I’ve also been working on a few other projects. The first thing I wanted to accomplish was using a trial edition of Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004 to setup an NT Workstation install alongside my XP machine….


This may be the largest collection of Outlook/Exchange links in one place, anywhere. It’s certainly the largest I’ve ever seen…. As an update to yesterday’s post, I wound up just going to the Windows Update site and updating the XP machines here. There’s only a couple of them, that takes a lot less time than…

Automatic updates and other problems

Well my users got notified that there were downloads available this morning sure enough. Unfortunately, nothing actually got downloaded, all of them had many dropped or abandoned download attempts in the Windows Update log. Looks like I’ll be spending a bunch of time figuring this one out… Meanwhile, I also had issue with them all…