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What were we thinking? We scheduled a Friends of the Library committee meeting for 7:30AM the Tuesday after Daylight Savings Time starts? It takes me almost a week to get adjusted to the time change usually, getting up an hour earlier than usual to drive across town won’t help that process.

Some might say that was the reason I wound up chosen to write a Request for Quote for website development, but I actually did volunteer. I think it’ll be an interesting process, and I’ll get to deal with people who, aside from being able to design websites (like I already do), also have the capabilities to build secure servers and other back-end stuff that I’m not completely familiar with, so it’ll be fun to learn a bit more about this stuff. On the other hand, it’s more meetings. 🙂

Of course, now that I watched that OneNote presentation I talked about yesterday, putting my meeting notes into OneNote and creating flagged action items is a breeze! Of course, I don’t use it as designed. I type too slowly, so I take notes in a meeting the old fashoined way, then transfer a cleaned up version of my written notes into OneNote as an outline. It actually works out better for me that way, re-writing forces me to clean them up and organize them. They don’t start up that way when I’m just writing.

Chuck Tomasi, in his latest podcast, talked about something that I’ve totally discovered as well, it’s hard to keep up with podcasts that are rather lengthy. Usually my podcast listening is done on my lunch hour, or at home at night. (My commute to work is, literally, 10 minutes or so. Not enough time to make a dent in keeping up!) I don’t have too much trouble keeping the attention span for 45 minute to an hour long podcasts that deal with specific hands-on techie stuff, but the longer interview-type ones tend to get skipped over when I’m busy. I just don’t have the attention span, or the time, to follow along. Maybe it’s just Chuck and me, but it’s something to consider.

Lastly, if you’re using one of those challenge/response anti-spam tools, do us all a favor, don’t sign up for a mailing list without pre-approving the mailing list address!

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