It’s a surreal world

Naturally, after complaining about my wireless connection dropping, it hasn’t dropped since. This is life with technology isn’t it?

Speaking of the surreal life of IT, at my new job, I take the late shift on the helpdesk. Between 5-6 it’s just me. So when I was forced to get one of the evening secretaries moved over to a new PC when her’s blue screened on boot (turned out to be HD failure), the helpdesk phones went straight to voice mail. The spooler on the print server went belly up in the short time that I was gone, so I found myself in the odd position of sitting at a desk, and hearing people getting the helpdesk voice mail on their speakerphones. I had a feeling I was going to find a major problem when I got back to my desk. I certainly did. Luckily, our network engineer was still hanging about in the server room, so I had someone to hand it over to. I could get used to that. It’s quite the change, this having other IT folks to share problem solving with. 🙂

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