This made me laugh

From a link at PC Doctor, under the heading of Email annoyances, I followed along to this post and laughed especially hard at this one:

“The 18-line sig about all the Bad Things that will happen to me if I ever reveal the contents of your privileged, confidential (and unencrypted) message”

As any law-firm IT person can tell you, 18 lines is not an exaggeration. The “standard” sig file for our firm has a 3 line paragraph tax advice disclaimer, a blank line, 8 lines of contact information, (name, title, company, address, phone number, fax number, email address, etc.)another blank line and then concludes with a 6 line “Confidentiality Notice”.

Yes, that’s 17 lines of text with two paragraph breaks, for a total of 19 lines. And yes, the first time I saw it on an email, the entire contents of which was the word “Thanks”, it blew my mind.

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