Virtualization everywhere

Yes it seems like every time I turn around there’s something new in this space. Today it’s the preconfigured Virtual Hard Disks available from Microsoft.

I wonder, combine this with what I had written about VMWare Converter being able to convert VirtualPC virtual machines on Friends in Tech last week and all the other news around both VMWare and VirtualPC and this is definitely a technology that allows us IT geeks to have a whole lot of fun playing with different Operating Systems and setups. Now if we only had enough time to play!

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  1. Virtualization is definitely an interesting opportunity.

    I’ve been wrorking on building up a VMWare Infrastructre setup the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty excited about the ability it’s going to give me to be able to roll a new system to mess with without having to scrounge for some hardware to put it on…just look for a place with enough RAM and disk.

    I’m still working on the idea of worrying less about the physical infrastructure and treating it like a big pool of resources yet. It’ll be interesting to see what my network looks like when servers are allocated resources according to what they need and are using rather than just allocating a box (or several) to it.

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