What are the odds?

There are 6 characters in my Blackberry password. There are 2 keys on my blackberry that quit working. What are the chances that one of those keys would be in the password, thereby rendering my device locked and completely useless? Yup, 100%! Tags: blackberry

Outsmarting the Helpdesk

When I read this story about someone outsmarting the help desk at their work, well, you all know I couldn’t help but have something to say about it. Go ahead and read the story, I’ll wait….. This story bothered me for one very large reason, and it’s become something of a pet peeve of mine…

Frozen Expedition

I was thinking the other day as I drove past the frozen Scioto River downtown that I should go out and get some photos of it before it got warm enough to not be frozen. It has been more than a week without temps getting much above 20F and today was no exception, but we…

Bad IT Day

What’s a bad IT day? How about a day where you have more servers being wonky than you have server admins available to deal with them? We had that one afternoon this week. A voice mail server off-line, a Blackberry Server running at about 30-40 minute delay, and a whole bunch of users have some…

Don’t insult your users

The title of this post by Sherman Deforest got my attention right away, No One Needs To Feel Put Down By A Hired Expert. Obviously, no one needs to feel put down by their help desk either. 🙂 Here’s my favorite part: They are not stupid or senile. Their cultural background is different than mine….