Get your brackets on

Who else is filling out NCAA brackets tonight? Who do you have winning the whole thing? Who’s your darkhorse?

I’m entered in three pools this year, so far, and I’ve got three different national champs picked. Given my recent history in this regard I figure I should cover my bases. Of course, given that recent history I should probably go ahead and apologize now to all of you rooting for Kansas, U.C.L.A. or Georgetown for ruining any chance they might have had of actually winning the whole thing.

You might have noticed that I don’t have the Buckeyes in any of my pools. I actually have them losing the same game in all three, in the Elite Eight to Texas A&M. I just don’t think they’ll be able to win that matchup in San Antonio. It’s going to be too much of a home court advantage. I hope I’m wrong, but I wasn’t willing to put anything on the line for it. Of course if A&M loses before they even get to San Antonio, then all bets are off, and I think OSU makes it to the Final Four, maybe even to the Championship Game.

Should get pretty quiet around the help desk when the games tip off around noon tomorrow. It’s amazing how many people find an excuse to be out of the office. *L*

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