Wii having fun!

My wife and I had seen the Wii a number of times, and talked to some people who owned one, and thought it definitely looked pretty cool. With her birthday coming up, not to mention Valentine’s Day, Angela was the one who finally pulled the trigger and asked for one. After some fruitless searches to come up with one, I was finally able to locate a bundle on Toys ‘R Us the other day. Granted, some of the games in the bundle, I wouldn’t have bought, but I knew it was the one thing she wanted, so I forked over the extra cash anyway. Hopefully we can get some store credit at Gamestop and turn those into a game or two that we would have bought, but if not, I went over budget to get my wife what she wanted for her birthday, shoot me! 🙂

Heck, after the money I spent on myself getting a MacBook, seriously, how could I not fork out some extra to get her the Wii as soon as I found it?

Anyway, it got delivered to my office on Friday, naturally. I was home sick, and was really in no condition to go chasing it down over the weekend at all. Angela patiently waited for me to get better, and while I’m still feeling pretty rotten, I had enough energy to get through the work day today, and bring home her present. She had it set up within minutes, while I ate dinner. I have to say, after a few games of bowling, and a little baseball, this is totally cool. I can’t wait to really dig into some of the sports games, or the Super Mario, and a couple of the other games I got in the bundle. She can’t wait to take it up to her parents the actual weekend of her birthday and have fun with the whole group playing. I can see where this is going to be a great party activity!

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