Does it sense a new version coming?

Over the weekend I updated my Macbook’s version of Firefox to RC2 (now RC3) because FF 2 had become completely unstable. Now, less than a week from the planned release of firefox 3.0, it seems that I’m running into instability on a couple of other machines as well, at work.

It’s almost like when something on your car breaks down 100 miles over the warranty mileage limit. FF 2 only has a few more days to cause problems before it gets replaced, so it’s doing it everywhere!

To be fair, the fact that I’ve been doing quite a bit of video capture/encoding and not restarting the machine afterwards might really be the problem with the instability, but it’s odd that only Firefox seems to actually crash on me.

Tuesday can’t get here fast enough. I’ll be contributing at least 4 downloads of the release version that day on different machines at home and work as part of the quest for the record number of downloads. 😉

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