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Blowing out her birthday CandlesImage by mikemac29 via Flickr

I hope you all will indulge me a post that probably has nothing to do with most of you. Today is my wife’s birthday, and as such, I wanted to take a moment and publicly wish her the happiest of birthdays today!

She is truly the woman behind the man for those of you who have spent any time around this blog, or any of my other online endeavors. She’s much more than that to me though, not only does she inspire me to do all the things I try to do, she’s my best friend and the person most likely to make me smile on a day to day basis. She is the one person in this world that I always want to talk to, laugh with, and share all of my adventures with! I look forward to many more years together as well.

I love you sweetie, Happy Birthday!

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