Comment Problems?

Since someone sent me an email about not being able to post comments here yesterday, I thought I’d put up a post and see if anyone else had been having problems trying to do the same. It worked just fine when I went to check on it, using Firefox, and I haven’t found any widespread complaints about Blogger‘s comment form having current issues, but you never know if there’s something out there that I’m just not aware of.

So, if you’ve had issues with comments, and left without leaving on because of it recently, can you do me a favor and hit the email link on the left-column and let me know? Thanks!

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  1. nope – still not working in firefox. When i used ie the preview function didn’t work (as I guess i wasn’t signed in) but the post option provided me with a page to login. Firefox goes straight back to this page with no errors.

  2. That’s too weird, I’m leaving this comment using Firefox and not seeing anything like what you’re describing. Perhaps because I’m already signed into my Google account?

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