Bunch of Quitters

So 60% of Twitter users quit after one month or less? Actually, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I don;t think Twitter is necessarily for everyone first off, and more than that, it’s actually kind of difficult to figure out at first, and takes quite a bit of work before you see the benefits. Most…

What Might Kill Facebook

On the other hand, what might really kill Facebook is the fact that somehow, fan pages are now part of the suggested friends list. As you know, I’ve always had complaints about the way Facebook tries to figure out who you might be friends with, based on who else your current friends are connected to….


Google Developing "Facebook Killer"?

According to Mike Elgan, if they purchase Twitter, that’ll be exactly what they are developing with Google Profiles. Is it possible that is what Google is planning? Sure. Could they develop something absolutely, positively, useful? Obviously they know how to do that with other products. Will it “kill” Facebook? Eh, maybe. This actually brings up…