Interesting New Spam Comment Trend

I’ve seen it twice in the last day on this blog, and thankfully Askimet caught it. In my spam queue there were comments that were identical to existing comments on the same post, just with a new user name and URL added to them. It threw me for a bit of a loop, obviously, to see a very familiar comment in my spam filter, only to realize it was a copy of the existing comment, hence the deja vu feeling when reading it!

So is this a new spammer technique? Take the exact contents of an approved comment, and replace the web page link and user name in an effort to trick filters into approving the comment? It sort of makes sense, but I wonder what kind of script they’re using to do that in bulk. Of course, since the Askimet plugin for WordPress caught it any way, I don’t really care that much about how it works. I’m just curious.

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