Maybe Apple Was Right All Along?

My New Toy Granted, more data needs to be collected, but if early indications are correct from Microsoft’s study of over a million PC failures it would appear that Apple’s strategy of not letting anyone build their own box, tweak their own hardware, and limiting who can actually build the hardware, id definitely the reason why it is more stable, most of the time.

It appears that overclocking, underclocking and using non-OEM machines only raises the frequency of crashes. You are going to crash less often using an OEM Dell or HP than if you build it yourself, at least according to the numbers from this study.  Of course, the data needs more study because we don’t know what kinds of tweaking or home built PC’s are involved in the crash data, but clearly it shows that Windows would crash a whole lot less often if MS locked down the hardware the way Apple does, no? Of course, then no one would be able to do custom builds, would they? And what fun would that be? 😉

On the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I cracked the case of a PC to fix something? Maybe I’m just not much of an enthusiast any more. Let’s hear from some enthusiasts, do numbers like this make you less likely to go the build your own route? Are you still messing with hardware the same way you used to “back in the day”, or has the iPad/iPhone/Netbook experience (relatively inexpensive, locked down, easy to use) moved you away from building your own?


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