Quick Thought – Masks and Facial Recognition

It may not sound like a serous question, but it is.

Whatever side you are on in terms of whether people should wear masks in public I can’t help but notice that there seems to be some inconsistency when it comes to facial recognition. I mean, if I were an all-powerful government official interested in tracking and using facial recognition to keep track of all of the citizens, I probably wouldn’t be suggesting everyone start wearing something that would make that harder, and if I were fearful of the all-seeing government, I might jump at the chance to wear something that would throw off any use of facial recognition tools.

So why does the government, for the most part, seem to be for it, and the folks who abhor “big government” overreach seem to be against it?

Unless you think that the technology works even with masks on, which would be a stretch to believe based on what little evidence we seem to have from tests done with large-scale facial recognition in locations like sporting events, etc.

In my own opinion, the wearing of masks when you are sick will continue for a long time, even after this particular pandemic is past. We will become used to seeing them, and it will become part of being a polite human being to wear a mask when you have a cold, or any flu-like symptoms.

That;s going to make all this facial recognition technology that much harder to implement.

And, maybe, that a good thing.


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