Of All The Bad Management Advice I’ve Seen….

I’m not sure if the authors take on this study is the worst managerial advice I’ve ever seen, but surely it’s right up there, right?

Want to Get More Productivity Out of Your People? Try Yelling at Them.

Yes it’s true. There was a study that showed how basketball teams perform better in the second half of games when the coach yells at them during halftime, so clearly this is transferable to business, right?

At least the author does acknowledge that you can’t go too far with this, yelling all the time or being too mean can have the opposite effect, again, according to the study, but I’m just going to hang my hat on the fact that running a business is not actually like a competitive sports game. It’s highly unlikely that many of your employees think of your competition as someone they need to defeat, as much as they think about them as another company that does the same thing as you. Maybe even another potential employer.

Business is not sports. Yelling is not professional. It’s not how you treat the people who work for you if you want them to actually continue to do so.

Personally, it would take one “halftime speech” of yelling for me to be done with you and start looking elsewhere. What would you do?

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