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Quick Thought – Work Culture is So Bad that We Use the Word Quitting to Describe Setting Boundaries.

“Quiet quitting” is everywhere. You can’t go a day online and not see a headline or LinkedIn post talking about it.

There’s no one definition for what it is, but generally, it seems that it’s becoming popular to reevaluate our relationship with work. That reevaluation is helping people realize that we may not have a relationship. Many people are coming to the conclusion that constantly going above and beyond, staying connected to work 24×7, and sacrificing the rest of our lives in service to our career isn’t good for them. There is no reward that makes it worth the effort, and it might damage us. They are scaling back the commitment to work to match the reward of work instead of doing more than their job in hopes of getting ahead.

They are setting boundaries. They are cutting back on their commitment and engagement with work because they see that work is not the most important thing in life. They make decisions based on their mental health instead of the company’s bottom line.

No one is leaving their job in this situation. No one is not doing their work. They are simply not taking on extra work and commitments that they aren’t getting paid for.

Our society’s relationship with work is so skewed that the word we have chosen for this is “quitting”. There’s something profoundly sad about that.


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