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Linked: 1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic

Have you stopped to consider this in your rush to get “back to normal” in your workplace?

“Workers who want to quit overwhelmingly say they’re looking for a new job with more flexibility. Indeed, even among those who aren’t considering changing jobs, half of people currently working remotely say if their current company doesn’t continue to offer remote-work options long-term, they’ll look for a job at a company that does.”

Or how about this quote at the end of the article, which really sums up many of the things I have been saying here over the last few months:

With workers better able to take a job from anywhere, they’ll seek ones that pay well, have opportunities to learn and advance, and provide benefits that center work-life balance.

As Falzon cautions: “If you’re an employer and you’re not being accommodating, you’ll lose talent.”

Can your business afford to lose talent? I don’t know many who can.

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