Good morning!

Yup, back at work today, migraines are all gone! Had to wade through some emails this morning, but nothing that was pressing, or even that important. A request for a little change in the telephone system programming was about the only thing that needed tending to right away, and that was a fairly easy change….

All’s Quiet

Seems like while I was sleeping away my migraine, (I’m much better now, thanks for the well-wishes Meryl!) that I didn’t miss much today, eh? There were no pages from work, no big breaking tech news to report, at least that I’ve found in the last few minutes of reading, and no big personal news….


Home today with a killer migraine, probably won’t be much in the way of updates, I’m going to be trying to sleep it off! Here’s hoping the pager doesn’t wake me with a work emergency!

Lazy sundays..

Lazy Sunday’s rock! OK so it wasn’t completely lazy, I did go through a couple of chapters of the VB 5 book, ran through a couple of exercises, and started to get down some of the code. But I also watched the DVD of Father Ted episodes that I picked up at the library, played…