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Linked – As If the Job Market Wasn’t Bad Enough, Intuit Makes Things Exponentially Worse

Most managers and even former peers are under strict orders never to say anything, positive or negative, when contacted as a reference for a former coworker. 

To paraphrase, HR and legal folks know that if the former employee doesn’t get that position, everything they say will be used against them in a future legal claim that they harmed the job prospects of a former employee unfairly. 

So it was somewhat shocking to see the CEO of Intuit not only say this but put it in writing:

Linked – Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Are coding boot camps in trouble?

Linked – Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Are coding boot camps in trouble?

The job market for people who can write code has fallen apart. Partly because of AI and partly because companies over-invested in engineers and tools that never could be as successful as they thought. (Remember when we were all going to be hanging out in the metaverse?) Of course, the people running these companies weren’t held accountable for those choices, but I’m past hoping that will ever happen. 

So, now the mantra will be “learn AI,” at least until that market isn’t everything companies are currently promising and we go through this whole thing again. 

It’s best not to get comfortable with anything in the current tech marketplace. The skills in high demand today won’t be those in high demand five years from now. If you’re entering college and embarking on a technology major, the tech will be changed by the time you graduate. 

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Linked – People in 20s more likely to be out of work because of poor mental health than those in early 40s

When you’re young and not on the standard education/career path due to mental health, there’s no career history or learned skills to fall back on. I think many employers would view you as unemployable in our current environment. I’m not saying that should be how it is, but it is likely the way it is. My story illustrates the path out of that, but it also contains some privilege. I was able to go to therapy. My family gave me a place to live while I wasn’t working. I had access to learning tools. I had to work hard to create opportunities to learn new skills, but I also found myself in places where I could do that. I had help.

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Work Can Be Many Things But It Is Also Transactional

When I hear people talking about how much more effective employees are when they make friends at work, it makes my hair stand on end a bit. Because the benefits of having good friendships don’t exist solely to make us better workers. We’re more than our work. Our work is a transaction that we take part in every day. We do work, our employer pays us. We shouldn’t let any kind of friendship or supposed loyalty blind us to that fact either. When our employers don’t consider the money they pay to be worth the work that we are doing, for whatever reason they have to think that, they have shown an uncanny willingness to let us go. There is no loyalty from that end of things and so no loyalty is deserved from the other end of the transaction either.

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