Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 31 2021

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 31 2021

Breaking the Taboo – What I Learned from Talking about Mental Health in the Workplace

Why mental health at the workplace should be the priority in 2021 and beyond

The Admissibility of Social Media Evidence of Insurrection

The Easy Way to Backup Gmail

Dozens Of Human Rights Group Tell Congress: Do Not Gut Section 230 On Our Behalf; It’ll Do More Harm Than Good

The curious case of pivot table caches in eDiscovery

What’s Wrong with the Way We Work

Ten Things Law Firms Can Do to Prevent Being Blown Up by Ransomware

Five Great Reads on eDiscovery for January 2021

Why the five-day workweek is outdated for working from home

Building a Network: 4 Ways to Add Value By Helping Others Succeed

How to Support an Employee with a Chronic Health Condition

What Might We End up Paying for in 2021?

What Might We End up Paying for in 2021?

The tech predictions by Jefferson Graham on the USA Today website include a couple of tidbits about the possibility of users going over the new Google limits, and thus paying to keep their Gmail accounts, and the possibility of paid podcasts, large podcasts moving to a service similar to Apple Music, and becoming a paid…

How Google Got Greedy

How Google Got Greedy

I was listening to Seth Godin’s latest Akimbo podcast, where he talks about Google, and how Google started out once with a very simple mission. Index all the information on the web and build a search engine that connects people and the information they are searching for. But, once they starting selling advertising they couldn’t…