ILTA 08 Blog Links for Monday

Just listing some blog posts I’ve seen from the ILTA conference that I’ve seen either in the RSS feed I set-up, or my own surfing around. Enterprise Search – Impact on How We Do Business Wikis in Law Firms Interwoven E-Mail Management; Monday at 2:30 Interwoven Universal Search Enterprise Search – Impact on how we…


Following ILTA 08 even though I’m not there

I’ve been working on an aggregated RSS feed to keep track of what’s going on at the ILTA conference next week, even though I won’t be there. Right now I’ve got a couple of Twitter keyword searches, a Google Blog Search and the RSS feed for that official event blog. As the week starts off,…

No wonder people hate the tech industry

In doing research for a presentation I’m doing to the local ILTA Litigation Technology group tomorrow about how to subscribe to and use RSS feeds, I’ve seen at least two different explanations of the acronym, the 3 different “specs”, RSS, RSS 2.0 and Atom, and countless ways for sites to display, and describe their feed….


Splitting PDF’s

Don’t you just love it when a court will only accept PDF’s of a certain file size and you have to split a file into various sections so that each is below that threshold? Someone on one of the ILTA mailing lists turned me on to A-PDF Size Splitter, and today, since someone was asking…



Looks like the fine folks who run the LexBlog service are also getting into the same Blog Aggregation service that the ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory has been in for a little while now, with the “soft” launch of LexMonitor today. I’ve been seeing some things on Kevin’s blog about the work being done on it,…