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Shared Links (weekly) Sept. 17. 2023

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Should Everyone Be Passive Job Seeking?

Those are essentially the same steps I would recommend for anyone wanting to network in our industry. Get active in places where Legal Tech folks gather, like LinkedIn, conferences, and networking groups, and volunteer to be a part of some of those same groups. Whether that networking is for career opportunities or just to be connected with people in the field and share tips and information, that’s what I would do.

So, if those actions are what passive job-seeking looks like, we should all be passive job-seeking.

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The Obligatory Lessons Learned After Four Months Unemployed

So after 12 years, I’m back, but it’s very different. Because 12 years is a long time and things change fast around here. This opportunity only came about because I’ve been changing and now have something different to offer, that matches up with how the firm has been changing. I could have resisted learning all these new things over the years, but that would have also limited what I could do going forward. I’m really happy I didn’t do that. It might be the best career move I’ve ever made.

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Shared Links (weekly) Aug. 27, 2023

I’m Not a Doctor – How to Help My Team’s Mental Health– I love the idea of modeling the behavior and making it “explicitly acceptable to take breaks.” Updating IT and Custodian Interviews for Today’s Data Sources Organizational Developers: Becoming Trauma Informed Will Elevate How You Operate The Secret Weapon Hackers Can Use to Dox…

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