New Domain Name

Oh yes! I got the email that my new domain name is in the process of being registered all around the internet. In between 24-72 hours I’ll be able to start work on the new website! Of course with my luck it’ll be ready to go right before I leave for NYC, and the geek part of me will be dying to get home and work on it. I think I’ll be able to overcome that though, it is my hometown afterall and I can’t wait to show my wife around the old neighborhood!

Anyway, I’ll be moving the blog and most of the technical stuff over there, trying to make it bigger and better! I’m leaning toward keeping the child abuse stuff over here at geocities, sort of seperating my professional life from the stuff I do there. Not that they really are seperate in my life, but I think they have different audiences, so that’s why it makes sense to seperate them.

Anyway, I’m excited about the possibilities, can you tell? *L*

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