Weekend of geek hell

OK, OK I haven’t updated all weekend. There’s actually a very good reason for that. The geek weekend I had planned turned into a weekend of geek hell! Let’s start from the beginning. Wednesday night while I was trying to play with some scripts, I lost the ftp connection to my website. I couldn’t even blog to it for over 24 hours. Then when I finally could ftp to it, I lost the email server connection. It still isn’t back up, ugh!

I tried to ignore that and push forward with the scripting, now that I could ftp again. Only problem now was I did not have access to change file permissions on the server. So, obviously, I couldn’t grant visitors permission to write their comments without that. So off went another email to the hosting company. Then I decided to just go to bed.

Friday, the Time Warner folks were out to install the cable modem, at least hook it up to their end, I was going to do the install myself, so I could set it up, and then clone the information to the router and share the connection. Only problem is, the modem does not show any connection to the PC’s when I hook it up. After a few calls to tech support, they were still convinced that the problem was the network card, despite the fact that I tried it on 2 different PC’s, one of which has always been on a network and worked fine. They had me uninstall and reinstall the cards, and the drivers, and the TCP/IP stack, but still no connection. Finally they said they’d pass me along to network service, but they weren’t open. (So the 24 hour tech support only means Level 1, anything else is normal business hours??)

Saturday was the same thing, and then Sunday we had a breakthrough. The hosting company finally came to grips with the fact that whatever servers I was on are not functioning properly and promised to move me over to new servers ASAP, and added 100MB of space for the trouble. The email server’s DNS records have still not switched completely, and as far as I can tell the website is still sitting on the same server, 48 hours later. I still can’t change file permissions. On top of that someone at Time Warner finally admitted that they probably had a fault somewhere and were going to send a service tech to look at it Weds. After all then grief they gave us, which I will probably document soon in it’s entirety, if this guy can’t just fix it right then and there we may be sending the modem back with him and canceling it altogether.

So here it is Monday morning and I am still waiting for the site to be switched to the new server, the email to come back online for me, and the cable connection to work at all at home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed..

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