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Linked – Personal property inventory by smart phone and email

This is some really good advice from Jim Calloway. I might even have to think about this before the next tropical storm comes through south Louisiana.

One evening soon at home, go through your entire house videoing everything with your smart phone or digital camera. Open every closet and every drawer. Don’t worry about clutter. This is an inventory, not a spread for a home design magazine. After you have completed your “home movie,” store it online in a secure location and/or give copies on flash drives to trusted friends or relatives for safekeeping. If there is a disaster, this video inventory may not be as complete as if you had kept all purchase receipts and other records, but it will serve as a great reminder of things you might have otherwise forgotten and proof you did possess them.

He’s got more advice for new purchases as well, go check it out. Might as well put that technology in your pocket to good use!


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