Well talk about an Easter surprise, I logged in this morning to find an email from Andrew, one of the developers for Newzcrawler. Seems he read my little write up and wanted me to send him some examples of the problem I am having with permalinks so that he could look into providing a fix….


I just posted an update to the News Aggregator Showdon article today. Here’s what I added: “Additional followup: Upon further investigation, I discovered one major flaw with Newzcrawler, the permalinks don’t seem to work on many blog RSS feeds.It’s not enough to sway me to the other choice but it’s troubling. I also tried, on…

Reruns rock!

I never thought I’d actually have reason to think that reruns rock, but yesterday Call for Help, the TechTV show, aired a rerun of the show where they did a story on Evan Williams from Blogger. This is also the show that came with a follow up story about Chris Pirillo’s favorite blogs, in which…

Stats and stuff

I’m trying some new stuff with the stats, AGAIN! Since I didn’t like the stats that Ready Hosting used, I traded in, so to speak. I gave up that program in exchange for having the raw server logs dumped into my ftp directory. Then I downloaded copies of Analog and Report Magic to my PC….