Looks like a few people who are in the middle of the THC saga are straggling in to the forums. That’s cool, I hope they can find some info from each other there! The infamous Geek also stopped in to suggest some possible forum topics, one about /legislation and one actually about . I’m going to sleep on those and think about how to add some of this stuff in over there before working on it tomorrow. Any else got any ideas? Leave a comment here, or on the forums if you do!

I also noticed that when I use a local path on a link, like I did above, it doesn’t work in the email and feeds because you’re not on the local site! Keep that in mind if you follow a link and don’t appear to go anywhere. Of course it’s also possible that I have the link wrong too. Usually I’ll get that corrected after the email goes out, so come here if the email seems to have link problems!

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