How bad is it?

I had another post written up here about work today, but then I realized that some of the information in it hadn’t been made public knowledge yet. While no one I work with reads this blog, outside of my wife, and I don’t give out the name of the place I work, there is still a risk that I’d get in trouble for saying critical things about the management team. So rather than specific criticism let me just say that if you have an internet connection sitting on your desk everyday, there’s no excuse for not researching claims made by potential vendors. It took me all of about 5 minutes to refute a claim being made, with one simple Google search. Now whether or not anyone in management bothers to do the same, well, it’ll be interesting to see that. They didn’t the last time this happened and have been saddled with a vendor contract that isn’t bringing in anything near what we were “promised”. Do you think they’ve learned their lesson?

One other note, I hate editing myself. I hate that I work for a place where I have to play politics and worry about what I say and who reads it. I hate that I work for a place that won’t let it’s workers communicate directly with it’s customers without going through the proper “channels”, and I hate that our customers or potential customers don’t even know what we do because they can’t cut through the public relations BS, which is the only thing they hear from us. (Yeah, I have been reading Gonzo Marketing *L*)

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