I knew it would happen

But I didn’t think it would happen this soon! Jonas dropped me an email early this morning asking why I didn’t cover Feedreader in the latest article. For the record, I did cover Feedreader in one of the followups to Part 1. It crashed repeatedly when I tried to run it and try it out, so it got tossed from the game. Jonas informs me that I can go to their support forums and find a pre-Alpha version that works better, assuming I can figure out how to switch it from Estonian to English. I think I’ll wait until there’s a real Alpha or even Beta release before looking at it again, because I don’t want to work that hard at getting it right now. I need a freakin’ break from aggregators for awhile! Despite Jevon’s claim that I am “Authority on all things aggregated”, I am actually kinda tired of testing them out for now. The ironic thing about this title is that while I’ve worked quite a bit on testing feed readers, I have very little idea of the technology behind creating the feeds. If Blogger didn’t generate one automatically, I’d have no idea how to build one for this site. *L*

In other news:

Trillian has released version 0.73:

No, this is not the next-generation Trillian we’ve been working on!

Microsoft was kind enough to alert us to a change in the MSN servers that would have negatively affected Trillian. Thanks, Microsoft!

Sometimes even Microsoft can be on the right side of an issue. 🙂 (link via Dane)

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