Quick update

It seems at some point in the late afternoon yesterday, Roadrunner got our home internet connection working properly again. No notification of what was happening, it just suddenly was working without the time-outs again. They probably cut off some kid “sharing” the new Springsteen CD on Kazaa or something to free up the bandwidth. *L*

Later that same night, the Mac started dropping the wireless connection for no apparent reason. Signal strength was fine, it just wouldn’t connect through out to the internet. I did the only things I could think of, I upgraded the firmware on the SMC Barricade, but it still didn’t appear to be working. Then I turned on AppleTalk on the eMac, and with the next attempt to connect to the SMC, the internet connection started rocking just fine. One of those two things did the trick, but I’m not sure which. I don’t know enough about AppleTalk to know whether I needed that to improve my connection to the wireless router or not, but it wasn’t mentioned anywhere, (I know you need it to share files on the internal network) so I think the firmware upgrade was what did the trick. At this point though, I’m going with my standard IT theory; “It works. I don’t know how or why, but I don’t care either, as long as it works!”

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