Will today be any better?

Yesterday was one of those days. Not a completely bad day, but one which had me running around and working hard for the entire day. I knew going in that it would be a full day, what with month-end reports to run and a hard drive to replace. (With it’s time consuming reinstallation of the OS and other software packages, I could really use a copy of Ghost or something similar around here!) Little did I know that in the midst of that one of our vendors was going to email me with “Those reports you normally would run for us next week? Well I’m going on vacation tomorrow so we really need to get all of those today instead.” Nothing like a bit of forewarning, eh?

We also seemed to be having a telephone issue, but since it only involved long-distance calls I assume it’s a problem with the LD carrier, not something internal, which meant I could blow that off to my boss. She can deal with the customer service people from there. I only need to be involved if there’s going to be any sort of technical discussion, which is just about all the time!

Today should be a little bit of a back to normal day. I’ve got to finish up my XP machine purchase, but that’s fun. I’m leaning toward a Dell for one obvious reason, this is a machine to test XP functionality with, and Dell makes the least expensive, but still somewhat reliable machine, that can accomplish that for me. They also let me customize it and purchase it online, so I don’t have to deal with salespeople. Besides, anything’s got to be better than these Compaq Deskpro’s we bought 2 years ago. Out of the 15 machines we bought, the hard drives have failed on 10 of them. Of course, all of the failures were Fujitsu hard drives, so maybe that’s the real culprit. But, other than that, my day should be about a normal Thursday. Not bad, caught up after almost two weeks out of the office in only two work days. I might even get to catch up on some tech news…:)

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